The Short List No. 7


At what point do I start buying in bulk ... haha



This week on The Short List ...


I pinned Bri's Positive Tasks a couple months ago, but rediscovered it last night.  I love how she chose one positive, impactful task for each day.


As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently moved to a new city.  Navigating a new city has brought some challenges, but also a few rewards.  My self-confidence has grown considerably within the last few months and I have started to get a lot more comfortable with doing things on my own.  I really like the list Jo put together on 50 things to do by yourself.  Like she mentions in her post, I have found such freedom in being able to rely on myself instead of depending on others for constant support.


I've made these baked turkey spinach meatballs and they're delicious!


Recently, I became really interested in understanding how much sugar I truly intake on a daily basis.  While 80% of my diet is non-processed food items, MyFitness Pal was showing that I was having nearly 60-70 grams of sugar each day.  I was completely shocked.  Check out the American Heart Association's post to learn more about the two different types of sugar and tips for cutting down on sugar.