My 10 Favorite Office-Friendly Snacks


I love finding new, healthy recipes that help me stretch my dollar and meet my nutritional needs.

However, I’m also a creature of habit and will easily fall into the trap of eating the same old thing for days. That being said, I tend to rotate among 10 snacks that keep me full between meals and are easily packable for the office.

Snacks don’t have to be complicated - gasp! Yes, you read correctly. Take the guess work out of snacking and prep a few of these office-friendly snacks for your upcoming work week.

  1. Bell peppers and hummus

    First up, bell peppers and hummus. If you’re craving something crunchy like chips, look no further than the bell pepper. While I tend to stick with green peppers, I bought a few red, orange, and yellow peppers this past week and haven’t noticed a difference in taste. I like to pair this with the Simple Truth Organic Roasted Red Pepper Hummus from Kroger. To make it easy to take from home to the office, I purchased a few small, divided containers from T.J.Maxx a while back that work perfect for this snack combination.

    I will note, that I try my best to only purchase organic bell peppers. According to the Environmental Working Group, better known as EWG, sweet peppers are classified as having a high pesticide residue. To learn more about the methodology behind the classification system, click here.

  2. Apple slices and peanut butter

    I love red delicious apples slathered with peanut butter. Healthy fats, happy life. Apples are one food item that I do not prep - I’ve tried various methods to avoid the browning resulting from oxidation, but nothing has quite worked. So while this snack might require a little more immediate prep, it’s easily portable and something you can keep in the departmental fridge (if applicable).

  3. Cottage cheese and whole wheat crackers

    I’m a huge fan of cottage cheese. I will typically alternate between Back to Nature crackers and Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps. However, any time that you can choose a whole wheat cracker in place of something salty and white flour based, the better off you’ll be. This snack is one that can easily be prepped on Sunday and boom, you’re done!

  4. Greek yogurt and strawberries

    I am never without greek yogurt in my fridge; I consider it a staple as mix-in options are endless. During the summer months when I can get fruit cheap, I will mix-in strawberries. During the colder months when fruit is more expensive and poor quality, I will go with a protein granola (currently eating Bear Naked Honey Almond). I am still trying to find a greek yogurt that doesn’t taste like chalk, but high in protein and low in sugar … though my current selection of Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt is the best one I’ve found to meet my criteria.

  5. DIY Trail Mix

    Over the summer, I was starting to get a hankering for a good trail mix, but shocker - they are not made with the healthiest of ingredients. While the nutritional content might look okay, I wasn’t happy with things like artificial flavorings. So I utilized my local Kroger’s bulk selection (there’s not a Whole Foods near me) and created my own! I used a variety of unsalted nuts like almonds and cashews then mixed them together with organic, dark chocolate baking bits. And yes, before you ask, dark chocolate in moderation is actually healthy for you.

  6. Whole wheat toast and peanut butter

    Here I go again with peanut butter … Sadly, this snack will only work if you have access to a toaster at work. If not, whole wheat crackers or celery sticks would be a great alternative. I want to point out that your jar of peanut butter, the only ingredient listed on the nutrition label should be peanuts. Many peanut butters contain added sugars, sweetners, and sodium that we DO NOT need. So next time you’re at the grocery time buying peanut butter, take a moment to pick the jar with one ingredient: PEANUTS.

  7. Hard boiled egg(s) and a cheese stick

    An unconventional snack in the eyes of many - I feel like the hard boiled egg is the black sheep of the food industry. It gets a bad rep, when in reality, it’s a high protein snack that takes about 15 minutes on Sunday to prep, throw it in a resealable baggie and BAM. All you have to do in the morning is grab you cheese stick and your hard boiled egg(s) and you’re done.

  8. One Protein Bar

    Say Hello to your new friend: a healthier protein bar that is lower in sugar and not packed full of artificial ingredients. Oh and did I mention, they taste exactly like the flavor on the package?! Maple Donut is my favorite and it legit, tastes like a donut. They are a little bit more on the pricier side, but this is a great snack to keep at your desk in the event you’re running late and skip breakfast or need something to hold you over until dinner. I think I’ve converted 10+ people to these bars - that’s how great they are (#notsponsored).


    Another packaged snack item, but my favorite thing about LÄRABARs is that it states in bold lettering across the front of the packaging, how many and what ingredients are used to make it. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite, but they are known for coming out with some tasty holiday flavors as well.

  10. RXBAR

    Last, but not least, RXBAR. Like the LÄRABAR, you know immediately what is used to make an RXBAR simply by looking at the packaging. A quality snack using whole, clean ingredients - there’s not much more you can ask for in a packaged snack. I haven’t ventured into trying other flavors as I’m pretty stuck on the peanut butter chocolate.

Take the guess work out of snacking and prep a few of these office-friendly snacks for your upcoming work week.

Was one of your go-to office snacks listed above? If not, what is your poison of choice? Until next time, cheers!