52 Things I'm Grateful 2018 Provided Me


I recently finished reading Michael Hyatt’s Your Best Year Ever and was inspired by how he practices gratitude during the transition into a new year.  Hyatt disclosed that he writes down 52 things that he is grateful for from the previous/current year.  While expressing gratitude can help keep you humble, it can also build your resilience (mental strength).

After handing over my keys to my first “adult” apartment this past Monday, I took some to reflect over 2018 and complete my list of 52 things I’m grateful last year provided me.

1.  Access to quality, local food.  Columbus’s farmers markets rock.

2.  Volunteer opportunities.  Ability to educate and improve Hoosier health.

3.  High-speed internet.  Introverted me stayed in too many nights bingingwatching The Office.

4.  Major interstates.  Moving northeast has allowed me to be in the hub between three large cities: Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

5.  Local libraries.  I probably saved over $300 in 2018 by checking out books instead of buying them.

6.  Second Family.  My boyfriend’s family opened me with open arms this year and it was wonderful getting to know them more.

7.  Flea markets.  My go-to date night idea: free (mostly) and wildly fun because you never know what you’ll find.

8.  Hipster coffee shops.  Favorite way to shop local.

9.  Long commutes.  As a result, I discovered a plethora of podcasts.

10.  Loneliness.  Forced me to face my skeletons in the closest and understand why I was struggling.

11.  Dental Insurance.  After wearing braces for 1.5 years as an adult, I finally have straight teeth.

12.  Hiking.  My escape from busy-ness.

13.  State and National Parks.  Appreciating the ability to step back and enjoy the land, history, etc.

14.  Air fryer.  Go to appliance for when I’m short on time.

15.  Route 66.  My grandma and I spent a few days driving a portion in Illinois at the end of the summer – can’t wait to go back.

16.  Meditation.  Realizing that mindfulness isn’t religious.

17.  Indiana State Fair.  Favorite way to celebrate my birthday.

18.  Flowers from Kroger.  Hands down the cheapest way to have a beautiful DIY flower arrangement.

19.  Long distance friendships.  Picking up from you last left off.

20.  Snapchat.  Chosen communication method among my sisters.

21.  Indiana University.  One of the primary reasons I had a full-time job nearly five months before graduation.

22.  Sanpellegrino.  Proof that trying new things can be fantastic.

23.  Travel-size steamer.  Best travel investment to date.

24.  Fun debt pay-off charts.  Visual reminder to keep slaying the financial game.  

25.  Knitting.  A self-taught hobby that helps me decompress.

26.  Essential oils.  I highly dislike taking medication.

27.  Cozy cabin socks.  I live in these.  

28.  Baby tomatoes.  Summer kitchen staple – cannot make a salad without them.

29.  Pinterest.  Much easier than saving from a magazine and storing it somewhere in the depths of your closet to never be seen again.

30.  Succulents.  Green thumb starter pack.

31.  Board games.  Favorite way to spend time with family.

32.  Spice aisle at Kroger.  Because plain ol’ chicken gets boring rather quickly.

33.  Apartment balconies.  Perfect way to start summer mornings: cup of coffee with a good book.

34.  Hobby Lobby.  Difficult to walk out of the store empty-handed.

35.  Target.  Love that I can support small business designers through my greeting card purchases.

36.  Drive-ins.  A&W for the win.

37.  ibotta.  One stop shop for earning cash back – so far, I’ve earned $134.18.

38.  Goodreads My go to app/website for tracking my reading, books I want to read, and book reviews.

39.  ONE Protein Bar.  Hands down, my favorite protein bar.

40.  Coworkers.  Working with like-minded people on a daily basis is awesome.

41.  Sushi.  Fearfully tried it for the first time this year – in love with the Spicy California Tuna Roll.

42.  POPSUGAR Fitness Videos.  Their free YouTube workouts kicked my butt on multiple occasions.  

43.  Outlet malls.  Building a wardrobe for work on a budget.

44.  Keep Nature Wild Summer ’18 Wild Keeper – promoting collective environmental impact by picking up trash.

45.  Holiday specific activities.  Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular.  Indianapolis Santa Hustle. 

46.  New recipes.  Perks of living alone, if a recipe ends up tasting bad, no one else knows.

47.  Specialty donuts.  Trying to find a donut store that tops The Donut Bank in Evansville.

48.  Hiking boots.  Took the plunge to invest in my feet.

49.  Facebook Messenger.  Helping my family communicate since 2016.

50.  Spotify.  I don’t even know where to begin.

51.  Improved self-confidence (decreased social anxiety).  Allowing me to explore and try new things on my own – something I’ve never been able to do.

52.  My boyfriend.  Lumberjack hottie.

Try it out! What are 52 things you’re grateful 2018 provided you?