30 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

Build community and create relationships with 30 ways to love your neighbor.

Someone that I met through my job surprised me with a sincere and thoughtful Christmas gift last month: a morning and evening devotional.  I had been searching for a devotional for several months prior, but was struggling to find one that fit my stage of life so this gift was perfect timing!

A few days ago, the daily devotional was centered around neighbors.  As I have recently moved (again), I don’t know any of my neighbors nor have a strong community (yet).  Reading through the devotional half-heartedly, something in me awoke. Pulled from Little Seeds of Hope, the short paragraph discussed that with technology and social media, the definition of neighbor has blossomed into meaning more than the people you live next to. Okay, this was something I could work with.  

It went on to say that nowadays we have neighbors in other states that we feel led to assist after a devastating natural disaster.  Our neighbors are the soldiers deployed overseas whom we send Christmas cards to.  Our neighbors are no longer defined by a city block or zip code.

Talk about a light bulb moment!

Here I am feeling sorry for myself that I don’t have any friends my age and/or a strong community in this new town.  Yet throughout the bible, God calls us to love our neighbor.  He doesn’t say, “love the person that lives within a half mile radius from you”.  He simply says, “love your neighbor”.

So over the next few weeks, I challenge you to join me in Loving Your Neighbor.  Whether this be your physical next door neighbor, the coworker that sits next to you, or even a random stranger.


To help you out, here are 30 ways to Love Your Neighbor.  For these and more, head over to randomactsofkindness.org.

Build community and create relationships with 30 ways to love your neighbor.

1.  Call your parents, grandparents, or an older relative just to say hi.

2.  Bring in your favorite treat to work and share with everyone! Share the recipe as well.

3.  Learn something new about someone different from you.

4.  Compliment 10 people before noon (on their clothes, smile, anything you can think of).

5.  Make cards for the residents at a local nursing home.

6.  Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter.

7.  Send a good morning text to someone.

8.  Forgive someone and never bring it up again.

9.  Shovel a neighbor’s driveway or offer to help with yardwork.

10.  Make a playlist on Spotify for someone who is going through a tough time.

11.  Figure out a friend’s ½ birthday and surprise them with a treat on that day.

12.  Make plans with that person you’ve been putting off seeing.

13.  When someone does something nice for you, give the a handwritten thank you card.

14.  Praise a coworker on a recent project they worked hard on.

15.  Complete a task for a family member that they dread.

16.  Find a way to show someone you care today.

17.  Write a letter to a woman in your life that made a difference.

18.  Leave a note of gratitude to the cleaning crew.

19.  Let someone merge in front of you in traffic today.

20.  Leave unused coupons next to corresponding products in the store.

21.  Give a friend or co-worker a book that has impacted you in a positive way.

22.  Share a positive review of a business partner or give a LinkedIn recommendation.

23.  Send a group text message to several people on your contact list with an uplifting quote.

24.  Find one way to be more involved in your community.

25.  Stop to have a conversation with a homeless person today.

26.  Do chores for a family member that could use some extra free time.

27.  Reach out to someone you know who is going through a rough time and let

them vent.

28.  Purchase something from a local business.

29.  Mentor someone by sharing something you “learned the hard way”.

30.  Join a friend or colleague in an activity they are passionate about.


Love your neighbor as yourself.  Matthew 19:19b