Hey there, I'm Breanna!  I'm a Health Coach, Certified Health Education Specialist, and MPH professional.


Most days you can find me reading a book, shopping for antiques, buying overpriced coffee at a local shop, or watching a true-crime documentary on Netflix.

I am mostly known for walking too fast, devouring cheesecake, and asking too many questions.


I teach people who want to grow their knowledge and understanding of health and fitness.

I coach people who are yearning to live a healthier life, but need a partner to provide accountability and motivation.

I remind them that achieving well-being is about thriving within your own life circumstances - finding a balance that works for you.


If you're dying to hear more, here are five things you may not know about me.

1.  I'm the oldest of four girls; there is nine years between me and my youngest sister.

2.  I don't like sweet or unsweet tea.  I know, I know - how 'unAmerican' of me.

3.  I love researching genealogy: I have nearly 13 years of experience under my belt.  (I'm related to President Harry Truman!)

4.  I've moved once a year for the last five years since graduating high school in 2012.

5.  I took piano lessons from the age of 5 up until I was about 15.


Still here?  Let's connect!